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ECO-FRIENDLY CHOCOLATE GANESHA - 2 Feet   An eco-friendly way to celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi.  Made with Vegan dark Chocolate.    He can be worshipped and post the celebration, the immersion can be done in a large vessel of hot milk.    This will dissove the chocolate and make a sumptuous Hot Chocolate Drink, which one can drink later as prasadam.      DO's & Dont's   DO’s: Place the idol at pooja mandap. Keep the idol away from direct sunlight and heat. If possible, keep the idol inside the beautiful clear box provided along to keep the flies, mosquitoes ect & dirt away. Keep the room a bit cool by turning ON the air-conditioner or fans. Chocolate doesn’t melt at a room temperature upto 35 degree celsius. Mix turmeric & water and make rangoli around the idol to avoid the insects.   DON’Ts: DO NOT EXPOSE THE IDOL TO SUNLIGHT. Do not keep the jyothi and diya near the idol. Keep them at a distance of at least 1.5 feet. Touch the idol only with the pair of latex gloves, when necessary. Keep the idol AWAY FROM WATER. Do not ACCESSORISE your Ganpati with garlands or clothes. DO NOT REFRIGERATE the idol. Do not let the flower petals stick on the idol. You can offer the petals on, say, a plate placed near the feet of Ganpati. Do not apply kumkum on the idol. Use red food colour instead. Keep the idol clean and dry.           HOW TO PERFORM VISARJAN IN HOT MILK? Step 1: After performing rest of the rituals,  (Optional) wash the chocolate Ganpati idol with fresh water. Step 2: In a large vessel/ container, boil a good amount of fresh milk. Step 3: Immerse the idol in the container of the WARM MILK. Pour some WARM MILK on the idol and rub (optional) carefully with your covered/ clean hands. Step 4: Let the idol melt in the milk. Move the idol a little to let it melt from the base. Step 5: Once the idol melts completely in the milk, give it a nice stir, taste it and then serve this CHOCOLATE MILK SHAKE Prasadam made of in bowls or glasses. (NEED NOT ADD SUGAR OR JAGGERY)          

People worship the Ganpati idol with full pomp & show for 11 days and then perform the visarjan in the water bodies. But do you know where do these non-biodegradable idols go? Do they reach the heaven? NO, THEY POLLUTE THE WATER BODIES AND KILL THE MARINE LIFE.   Modern people are aware about the problem of water pollution. So, why not solve it?     Use milk instead of water to perform the visarjan. Let us explain the whole process of visarjan of the chocolate Ganpati idol.     PROS OF CHOCOLATE GANPATI IDOLS Save the planet Earth. Save the environment from the broken Ganpati idols found on the beaches and sea sides after the festival. Save the marine life that gets killed by the toxic effects of the non-degradable idols and their paints. Save water that is used for the visarjan (even if you use a tub full of water for the visarjan, the water is ultimately thrown away and wasted). Help the needy people by distributing the prepared YUMMY CHOCOLATE MILK SHAKE as a prasad. Zero residual idols. The blessings of the Ganesha remain inside your body and soul.   However, the health of your chocolate Ganpati idol depends on how you keep them at your place. We do not guarantee any damage to the idol after it has been handed over to you. However, it is a solid idol made up entirely with chocolate and edible paints. Just keep the key points in mind and CONGRATULATIONS! you can save the planet this Ganesh Chaturthi!   In case of any queries, feel free to ask us on 9491821138          

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